Organ handling

Efficient removal of the gastrointestinal packages and organs

  • Traceability of carcass and matching organs
  • Hygienic transport system
  • Removal of carcasses/organs not passing veterinarian inspections

In the clean slaughter line, the gastrointestinal packages and organs are removed and inspected by a veterinarian. For the dressing line and the further processing of white and red organs, Marel offers a complete range of line equipment:

  • Slaughter conveyor
  • Tray conveyor for bowels
  • Organ conveyor
  • Recovery line

The organs are inspected by a veterinary at a specific location in the line. It is important that during this process it is determined that the carcass and the organs are of the same origin.

After the inspection, any abnormalities the carcasses may present will be corrected via a recovery line.

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