The new is live!

Our goal with the new Marel website is to enhance the customer’s journey

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The new is now live, launching a transformed user experience for our stakeholders around the world. We’ve elevated our online presence with a responsive user-centric experience, enabling people to learn and locate valuable information easily.

As Birgitte Jespersen Skade, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications explains, the new site is an important step in a longer journey.  

“Our goal with the new Marel website is to enhance the customer’s journey, which is at the core of Marel. It’s a key pillar in a larger marketing and communication strategy that will continue rolling out over the coming year,” says Birgitte 

“In strengthening our digital marketing efforts, we aim to create a seamless and reliable experience for new and existing customers. 

The new is both a big step forward for our stakeholders in the food processing industry, and a platform for sustainable growth. 

One Marel, united in our success

Marel continuously seeks better ways to serve its customers. Our new website is no exception, as Bjorn Smets, Director of Digital Marketing, explains.  

“We set out to make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for and improve how we present our products,” says Bjorn. Creating the site was a huge team effort and we’re extremely proud of the results. The new website enables us to interact with the food processing industry in a more intelligent and sophisticated way. 

Users’ own choices inform how they browse the website, with relevant information displayed on all levels. Not just at their desks, but also on mobile devices and on their favorite browser.  

The key building blocks remain, with product information, case studies, industry newsletters, information for investors and job seekers, and integrated social media buttons. New features elevate these touchstones, including: 

  • More logical navigation  
  • Faster access to different content levels 
  • Refreshed portfolio overview, filtering easily towards specific products and solutions 
  • Accessible product structure, configurable from an overall industry perspective to individual processes 

Excellence across the brand

The launch of the new website marks the first stage rollout of a refreshed visual identity for the Marel brand. 

“We’ve developed a future-focused visual style geared for the digital environment, while maintaining a humanistic approach,” says Global Brand Manager, Lucy Stoelwinder. 

It’s essential that customer partners and other stakeholders interacting with our digital touchpoints see a visual language reflecting our refined, confident and contemporary brand personality.”  

Marel is a global company with a presence in more than 30 countries, and customers in more than 140. Our strong brand represents excellence, innovation and unity to the Marel family across the world.  

Marel’s reinvigorated brand will continue to be implemented across our physical and digital touchpoints in the new year. 

A design driven by innovation

On the technical side, the site utilizes a new server setup with local content delivery for optimum site speed around the world. Its refined new visual design implements the latest UX and browser standards, optimized for any device, browser or resolution. 

At the same time, we’re looking to expand our web shop function, integrate external platforms that span our business model, and elevate our content standards. The platform utilizes the newest available technology, ensuring it will easily adapt to future digital developments at Marel. 

Together, we have brought our presence online to a much higher level. Everyone involved in the project, and everyone at Marel, our partners, investors and stakeholders can be proud of the exceptional outcome.

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