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Meat preparation

Hygienic meat preparation

From beginning to end, across an endless range of possibilities, Marel meat preparation systems prepare your mass in a hygienic, accurate, user-friendly and efficient way with highest quality. Whether you need to mix, grind (mince) or emulsify, we have the exact systems for your specific needs. They are known for their robustness, long trouble free production runs and a minimum of service. The machines are easy to clean and maintain.

We offer highly automated meat preparation systems for all desired volumes. If you are processing meat according to a particular recipe, we can supply everything you require. This can include equipment for poultry meat grinding (fresh meat, frozen blocks, or both), mixing (optional with vacuum) and emulsifying. If needed the temperature is adjusted by nitrogen or CO2.

To transport your meat mass we offer a range of conveyors, feeders and screw conveyors.

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