Advanced meat harvesting of pork with an unprecedented capacity

  • Unprecedented capacity
  • Meat quality on demand
  • Extra 5-10% yield compared to existing systems
  • Very low wear and tear


ProTEN is Marel’s latest linear press meat harvesting system, offering the highest capacity in the business – up to 10,500 pounds of input per hour!

The ProTEN is capable of producing either AMR (advanced meat recovery) at the highest possible yield or the highest possible minced meat quality.

No other system on the market offers you this flexibility and efficiency.

How does it work?

Beef bones are fed into the ProTEN filling chamber (1), from where the main ram transports them to the pressing chamber. Gentle pressure causes the bones to rub the meat off one another and allows it to pass through the filter (2). The ProTEN can be equipped with a high pressure filter for maximum yield, or an optional coarse filter for optimized meat quality at low pressure.
The bones are retained inside the filter and discharged at the end of the cycle (3). The meat is fed through large diameter pipes into a belt separator to remove sinews, cartilage and the occasional bone particle.

ProTEN Working Principle


  • Reliable, patented low and high pressure technology
  • Durable seal on the main ram
  • Short stroke, virtually no wear and tear
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • High uptime and long lifespan

The ProTEN accepts pork bones, both primal and deboned parts, such as: neck bones, loin bones, breast bones, fresh ribs, aitch bones, blade bones and picnic bones.

The flexibility and adaptability of the ProTEN allows you to produce the perfect raw material for different qualities and quantities of end products. A number of possibilities include:

High quality High capacity
sausage rolls, salami and fresh sausages hot dogs, frankfurters, mortadella, bologna sausage and luncheon meat


The ProTEN has been realized with the cosponsoring of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the province of Limburg, the province of Noord Brabant and the city region Eindhoven (SRE).



Length: 5100 mm    200 inches
Height: 2500 mm 98 inches
Width: 1100 mm 43 inches
Weight net: 7750 kg 17,000 lbs
Total power:    45 kW 60 hp



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