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Annual Report 2020

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Why Marel?

Innovations in food processing

We are in the business of transformation, innovation and inspiration. We provide software, machinery, systems and solutions that help food processors gain a competitive edge and make the most of cutting edge technology such as digitization, automation and robotics. Driven by a passion for meeting the growing demand for quality protein, we create groundbreaking solutions that benefit the global population.

Sustainability is at the heart of our operations, and we respect natural resources in everything we do. Whether it’s a drop of water, a gram of protein or a simple idea – we realize that everything counts. Our people make us the partner of choice and our extensive service network offers an additional guarantee of quality and peace of mind. That is how we transform food processing.

Innova Food Processing Software

Innova enables food processors to collect data and utilize it effectively, improving processing results and ensuring full traceability throughout the production process.

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Customer stories

Erin Mcguinness Hazeldenes
IMPAQT Cedrob2
Arie Manuel Changchun Yunken
I Cut 11 Whitefish 019
Tyson People
Calisa People IPPE
Walt Shafer

"Innova has moved us from a reactive business in the past to a proactive business."

Erin McGuinness


"Monitoring of the processing lines where we use IMPAQT is much better."

Robert Duda


“Products are of a superior quality. We see Marel as being the top.”

Naif Aladhyani

Arasco, Saudi Arabia

"Marel and the Yunken Group will keep cooperating to achieve a win-win situation for both parties in future development.”

Zhao Xiaoguang, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Yunken Group

“The machine automates the weighing and portion-cutting processes and achieves accurate fixed-weight portions; a result that you simply can’t achieve with manual cutting.”

Guilherme Blanke, CEO Noronha Pescados

"It is unbelievable how much we’ve improved our process, quality and yield. We are very happy with the results."

Federico Carro Lazarini

Tyson Foods Europe, Oosterwolde

“All these Marel systems will help us maintain the highest standards of product presentation and taste.”

Augusto Motta

Motta Group, Argentina

“The results of the AMF-i HD kits are beyond expectation.”

Walt Shafer, Chief Operations Officer

Lincoln Premium Poultry


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