, Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center

China Fisheries 2021


Our fish processing experts will be available to discuss our many grading, slicing and cutting solutions. You can expect to see:


  • The versatile I-Slice 135 is the smarter slicing solution for fixed weight slices or fixed length and thickness that delivers high stability, minimum handling, and minimum give-away.


  • The innovative I-Cut 130 PortionCutter is the ideal solution for high-value portioning of salmon into fixed-weight and fixed-length portions with superior programming flexibility and a variety of specialized cutting patterns that ensures accuracy and optimum usage of raw materials.
  • Our new and improved Compact Grader that grades accurately and is easy to install and operate. The new and improved version, launched earlier this year, makes grading easier with a user-friendly interface and multiple programs.


At China Fisheries, we will provide you with detailed advice and comprehensive support and introduce you to some of the industry's most intelligent and efficient equipment.

Fish Processing Event At Marel
Fish Processing Stands At Marel
Marel Event In Fish Processing

Experts from Marel will be on hand to introduce some of our most intelligent and efficient equipment and provide you with detailed advice and comprehensive support to help you succeed.