Water Bath Stunner PureSine

  • Full control of the electrical parameters for stunning effectiveness
  • Continuous stable performance
  • Fully compliant with EU regulations


Effective stunning for high quality products

Processors can easily set the frequency that is best suited to their own individual needs. By being firmly in control of the process, processors can find the perfect balance between an effective stun and the meat quality required by their market.

Humane stunning

The stunner’s design utilizes scientific knowledge with highly innovative engineering and top quality components, giving optimum yield, quality, and making the process as humane as possible. The solution outperforms any other electrical signal in water bath stunning to achieve an optimal outcome. Broilers enter individually into the water bath, eliminating the risk of pre-stun shocks caused by broilers touching one another.

  • A suitable solution for all types of poultry, all common weights and all capacity levels
  • EU execution: fully compliant with European Union regulations
  • Small footprint
  • Perfect, smooth sine wave
  • Control box with stepless frequency (Hz) and amperage (mA) controls
  • Newly developed infeed plate to prevent pre-stun shocks
  • Extended breast comfort guide
  • Optional side doors for easy access to broilers (EU execution)
  • The ability to log electrical parameters
  • Forms the perfect combination with the K15 Killer
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